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    Trust Impexs was established as a Stainless Steel supplier to meet the growing needs of domestic and international customers. Trust Impexs is in the stainless steel business since 1970.With this backing we are marketing stainless steel catering the requirement of Pump Industries, Chemical Industries, Automobiles Industries etc...

Our Mission

At Trust Impexs our Mission is to be the BEST.

We aim to add value to our customers,by offering products and services where excellence and quality are the defining characteristics.

In the times to come we will continue to evolve into an organization which shall stand tall on its pillars of total customer satisfaction and its passion driven focused team.

Our Motto Reads:

To deliver a standard of service that goes beyond customer expectations and exceeds the service provided by our competitors.

Our Values:

* Ethics In Business Transactions
* Integrity
*Accountability for one's action

Business is all about how effective you manage your relationships.Our relationship with the corporate world is exemplary.Our association with them is good and long lasting one.